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Thank you for your interest in New Hope Animal Rescue (NHAR) and its volunteer opportunities. This will give you a glimpse of what we do.

To start off, we are a dedicated and extremely caring group of volunteers and look to bring like minded people on board. NHAR is a non-profit organization that is solely run by volunteers. It currently operates a shelter for cats, with some of our cats and all our dogs, out in foster care.

At the shelter, we feed, water, scoop litter, and socialize the cats twice a day along with a deep shelter cleaning done on average twice a week. We host various fund raising events throughout the year and always welcome more hands on deck to help spread out the workload.

The shelter is a very happy place. Our cats are well loved and well cared for…and they know it! Our resident vet comes in several times a week to ensure our kitties are in good health and to address any health issues that may come up.

When someone is interested in adopting one of our cats, an adoption volunteer will meet them at the shelter and introduce them to our cats. If they are interested in adopting, they fill out the required paperwork and the process begins.

We are not open to the public per say unless we are hosting an Open House – the adoption process is done through appointment only. This is because we are all volunteers and most of us have full-time jobs.

For anyone interested in volunteering with us we have an application process which includes an orientation and tour of the shelter where they will meet the cats and hear about shelter duties, safety and protocols. 

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