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How You Can Help

Financial Support:

New Hope Animal Rescue is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that solely depends on donations from the community for sustainability. Please help support our rescue by donating directly or by purchasing merchandise. You can make a donation online through Canada Helps by clicking our donate now button, or pop a cheque in the mail.

Wish List:
  • Volunteers! Our biggest need apart from donations is your time

  • Cat/Kitten Food – we can always use good quality dry/wet cat and kitten food

  • Kitty Litter – Multi cat clumping

  • Cleaning Supplies

    • Eco friendly Laundry detergent - for cold water

    • Paper Towels

    • Eco Friendly dish soap

NOTE:  We currently have lots of beds/blankets and cat trees.  Thank you for your support.

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