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Happy Endings

We were thrilled to get this update on two kittens who were recently adopted: "We just wanted to send you an update on Birch (who we have renamed Sage) and Willow. The girls have settled in nicely to their new home. They are super playful and affectionate with each other and us! Sage is very much a Mama's Girl and will follow Mom around and always insists on curling up in her lap. Willow has taken to our 7 year old son and will often follow him around. They both love cuddling up with all of us and purr like crazy! We love them so very much! Thank you for bringing us together!"


We received this amazing update on our former long-term residents, Gus and Evee, who were recently adopted!

Hello New Hope Animal Rescue,

I just wanted to quickly give you all a three week update on our wonderful little ones, Gus and Evee!

Gus and Evee have both come out of their shells tremendously and are now happily roaming the house, rubbing their scent on everything, climbing on their cat trees, the furniture, and us. They have LOVED chasing each other up and down the stairs and fighting over who gets to roll around in the catnip. They have three litter boxes all over the house but seem to have a favourite I'm sending along some of my favourite pictures and videos of them in the past few weeks. We are all very happy living together and they have adjusted extremely well!

Thank you again for taking such good care of them before we found them, we are forever grateful to have them in our lives!

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